My artwork reflects my passion and interest in painting people by capturing and exploring their individual personalities, moods and emotions. It gives me great satisfaction when I am able to bring individuals to life on canvas. My goal is to create art that is compelling and unforgettable.

I have chosen to create paintings that capture the beauty of Dublin – a quaint golfing community in the heart of central Ohio. The beautiful landscapes, pristinely carved by Dublin’s many golf courses, are cherished by sports enthusiasts young and old.

I strive to undertake the challenge of crafting a composition containing elements that will evoke emotion and transmit a story to the viewer. My goal in painting the Proud Members of The Team was to show the beautiful smiles on each of the children that, during three days of golfing, worked hard to finally become part of their middle school golf team. I have often been inspired by my son and his school golf team. So, in the painting "The Reward" I tried to place the emphasis on the trophy, showing the reward earned after a successful display of sportsmanship on the golf course. This activity also parallels the process of making this series of paintings. There is always the challenge and then the struggle to achieve excellence, followed by the satisfaction of finishing a painting.

I use wide brushes for sweeping strokes in the background and small soft brushes for subtle details in the center of interest. With each brushstroke I attempt to capture the beauty of the Dublin landscape – the intensely green grass, the manicured golf courses, and the trees. In my painting, The Golf Cart, a golf cart appears solitary, in the middle of a golf course. The viewer is invited to allow their eye to roam freely in the beautiful landscape. The painting provides no answer and it does not tell a story, it simply attempts to plant a seed of curiosity and ignite the power of imagination.